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Second Quarter of 2016


First Quarter of 2016

Calvert County Commission for Women and the Crisis Intervention Center Awards Sheriff Evans the "2010 Award Recipient for Contributions to Women in Need."

Circle of Angles Honors Soldiers


  Letter to the Editor in "The BAYNET" on 01-11-10 responding to speeding accusations by Deputy's.

Washington Post Article "A Family's Call to Law and Order"

Calvert County Sheriff's Office recognized for their outstanding contribution to decreasing traffic fatalities and injuries in 2008

First Day of School Article

Major Thomas C. Hejl's Letter "Six Months in and Going Strong"

2003 Respect the Law Proclamation

Republican 2002 "Man of the Year"

Make Roads Safer

Sheriff's Association Letter

Smithfield United Methodist Church


Sheriff Evans has taken an aggressive stance to improve the efficiency of the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center.  

  Latest Achievements:

  •  CALEA Received Accreditation in 2010 and Reaccreditation in 2013

  •  Reduced serious crime by 25% over the past 5 years

  •  OPS IAPRO and Blue Team software to track complaints, accidents, use of force and firearms discharges

  •  Began random urinalysis of all sworn personnel

  •  Began a mediation program

  •  Tag Readers

  •  Mobile data terminals

  •  Mobile Command Vehicle

  •  Full-time Special Operations Team (SOT) (Dominion)

  •  E-TIX

  •  Initiated holiday patrols

  •  Bank Robbery Suppression  Patrols

  •  Significantly increased the number of traffic crash reconstructionists

  •  Established Drug Recognition Program

  •  New paint scheme for patrol vehicles

  •  New World

  •  Made the position of Twin Beach Commander a F/Sgt. Position

  •  Made the position of OPS Commander a Lieutenant Position

  •  Deputies in the schools

  •  Created the Citizen Action Team (CAT)

  •  Established the rank of Captain

  •  Shop With a Cop

  •  Prescription Drug Abuse Abatement Council (PDAAC)

  •  First place in the Maryland Law Enforcement Challenge

  •  Second Place in the National Law Enforcement Challenge

  •  Three (3) commanders are graduates of the FBI National Academy

  •  Acquired a Live Scan machine


  • Restructured and Reorganized the Sheriff's Office

  • Implemented additional managerial, supervisory, entry level and support staff

  • Underway with the National Law Enforcement Accreditation Process, certification anticipated in November 2010

  • Implemented Specialized Traffic Enforcement Operations

  • Trained nine officers in specialized traffic accident reconstruction techniques

  • Obtained specialized equipment, Crash & Crime Zone Computer Technology, to enhance the offices capabilities regarding prosecution of fatal and near fatal crashes, as well as major crimes

  • Created an Office of Local Homeland Security

  • Special Operations Team became certified in HAZMAT operations

  • Special Operations Team became only the second team in the country to be waterborne trained and certified

  • Sheriff's Office was the lead agency in developing a "capabilities ready list" for all special operations teams throughout the state

  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Constellation Energy covering response to threats at nuclear facility

  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) named the Calvert County Sheriff's Office as lead agency for response to Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant

  • Created an Intelligence Unit

  • Developed and implemented a computerized property record tracking system

  • Partnered with the Maryland State Police and the Calvert County State's Attorney's Office to create the Calvert Investigative Team (a coalition of officers and employees from the three entities housed and working together on major crime and drug investigations)

  • Obtained two Federal C.O.P.S. Technology grants in the amount of $100,000.00 for equipping a portion of the road patrol fleet with in-car computers and integrated digital camera system

  • Implemented Project Lifesaver International (a program designed to track and locate lost individuals suffering from medical problems such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease)

  • Placed two sworn officers in the high schools as school-resource officers

  • Rid the county of Hell's Angel outlaw motorcycle gang

  • Implemented a Pre-Trial Release Program at the Detention Center

  • Improved the mental health program at the Detention Center

  • Developed an inmate handbook to assist Hispanic inmates

  • Incorporated the rank of First Sergeant and Detective Sergeant into the pre-existing rank structure for management enhancement

  • Increased the K-9 operation to have a dog per shift

  • Increased the K-9 operation with the addition of specially trained dogs in drug detection, bomb detection and human location

  • Built a K-9 training facility on the grounds of the nuclear power plant with cooperation from Constellation Energy Group

  • Built and maintain a second K-9 training facility at Island Creek

  • Obtained a grant to equip all deputies with digital cameras to obtain photographic evidence for enhanced prosecutions

  • Implemented a training and certification course for qualified retired law enforcement officers pursuant to Congressional House Bill 218

  • Sheriff's Office called upon to handle high-level security for Presidential visit to Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant and two Presidential Inaugurations

  • Continue to increase specialized training for all Sheriff's Office employees

  • Have two officers trained at the prestigious Northwestern Traffic & Management Institute

  • Have two officers attend both Northwestern Command School and the FBI National Academy