First Day of School

Working side by side to make Calvert County a safer place to live

      On Tuesday, Aug. 26, I sent my Calvert High senior off to his first day of school and headed south on Route 4 to my job at Pax River. What a sight I did behold. Everywhere there were deputies and troopers, working radar and patrolling the roads. The Troopers and Deputies were working side by side, in unmarked and marked vehicles, plain cloths and uniforms.

      This is just the presence we need on our roads to begin the process of eliminating road rage and reckless driving. I bet the average speed on route 4 was no more than 60 mph that day. And for anyone who drives that stretch of highway knows the average speed on any other day is 70 plus.

      Hats off to Lt. Homer Rich and Sheriff Mike Evans. We must continue this good work and as a community, stand by our law enforcement agencies to dramatically reduce traffic accidents and deaths on our roads. Lets keep up the continued presence of police officers on our highways and eradicate destructive driving behaviors.


Jeanie Rupard, Chesapeake Beach

      Hats off to the Calvert County Sheriff's Office and the Maryland State Police for their combined efforts in attempting to reduce speeders on our roadways. On Tuesday, Aug. 26, I personally witnessed numerous law enforcement officers vigilantly patrolling the north end of the county. What a fine day to crack down on speeders and aggressive drivers since it was our children's first day back to school. Sheriff Mike Evans also had a deputy at every public school on Tuesday to show the support of the sheriff's office for children's safety. Thanks for making every effort in keeping our county and children safe. Keep up the good work Sheriff Evans and Lt. Rich.

 Lisa Pace, Lusby