Six Months in and Going Strong!

Many Calvert County citizens, local community groups and organizations, have approached me all inquiring about Sheriff Evans' first six months in office. May 5th, 2003 marks the six-month anniversary of the election of Mike Evans as Sheriff of Calvert County, Maryland. I can unequivocally state that the energy Mike displayed during his campaign has only increased following his election.

In these six short months the Sheriff's Office has made many strides forward in a variety of areas. The accomplishments are a direct result of Sheriff Evans work ethic, tenacity, energy and commitment to the men and woman of the Sheriff's Office, the Calvert County Detention Center and the citizens of Calvert County.

Internally, Mike made alterations to the scheduling in order to provide more coverage on our roadways during peak traffic hours, both in the mornings and in the evenings. Sheriff Evans has implemented special traffic enforcement operations during peak traffic hours and did so while including the Maryland State Police in those operations. While mentioning the Maryland State Police, it should be noted that the working relationship between the two departments has flourished. ALL lines of communications are open between both departments and routinely we see Maryland State Police Troopers in our office and they see us in theirs.

Sheriff Evans campaigned diligently for stronger law enforcement ties to the community, including the viable use of deputies in our high schools. Early on in his tenure, Mike had the opportunity to apply for a Cops in the Schools Grant. The grant would have resulted in additional uniformed deputies being involved in our high schools. The Sheriff worked extremely hard in the community and maintained a constant vigil with high-ranking officials within the school system. Up until the final vote by the Board of Education, it looked as though the program was a go. Although the Board of Education felt is was not the time for such program, both Sheriff Evans and I received letters, calls and contacts from citizens believing his efforts were very worthwhile.

Immediately upon his election, Sheriff Evans was challenged to submit a comprehensive six million-dollar budget. Rather than merely resubmit a mirror image of the FY 2003 budget, the Sheriff spearheaded a challenge to put together a budget that would reflect the growing needs of the Sheriff's Office. Although the original budget represented a significant increase in staffing levels, the Sheriff presented documentation to support the increases. The culmination of the budget session netted an additional four deputies to the Sheriff's Office. This was the direct result of Mike's tireless lobbying efforts. The Sheriff was also able to secure the 3% COLA for Sheriff's Deputies as well.

Sheriff Evans is also proud of the job done by the men and woman of the Detention Center. Four new correctional employees have recently graduated from the Correctional Academy and are a fine addition to an already competent staff.

The Sheriff led the drive to go "on line" with the first Calvert County Sheriff's Office web page. Special recognition for the creation and operation of the web page goes to Sergeant Wayne Hardesty of the Detention Center. In addition to generalized information concerning the Office, Sheriff Evans has directed that current newsworthy items and special alerts for citizen acquisition be contained in the web page.

Sheriff Evans will tell anyone who asks that he is learning every day. His learning challenge was very evident when it came to the political process of working with the County Commissioners during the budget process. Having observed Mike in action I can say that he learned very well.

Sheriff Evans has worked extremely hard at conveying the message to his organization that we are responsible to the needs of the citizens. Mike has attended numerous civic meetings, church receptions and community functions giving credibility to his agenda. Mike Evans has also shown the men and woman of the Sheriff's Office that he will work side-by-side with them. He has responded to a litany of criminal occurrences in the last six months, including a tragic murder suicide where the Sheriff conducted negotiations and commanded the scene himself.

The Sheriff has directed numerous administrative changes and enhancements in these first six months, and further enhancements are currently underway.

The Sheriff has made three promotions within the sworn staff, and made several transfers all to better accomplish the goals of the Agency. Sheriff Evans also understands the value of recognizing outstanding performance on the part of Sheriff's Deputies and Correction Officers. An annual awards' banquet had not been held for approximately 10 years. Sheriff Evans reinstated the awards' ceremony and is adamant that such a yearly recognition of outstanding employees will continue throughout his tenure as Sheriff.

The Sheriff created a full-time sworn position to serve as the Intelligence Officer for the Agency. This individual is responsible for the gathering of intelligence from a variety of sources in an effort to provide for strategic operations within the law enforcement community. This information gathering and dissemination will better serve our law enforcement efforts in Calvert County.

The Sheriff created a full-time sworn position to drive the efforts of Local Homeland Security Interests. Calvert County is the only locale in the State of Maryland with a nuclear power plant and a LNG docking facility. As such, Sheriff Evans was committed to this position in light of the troubled times in which we live. This position coordinates with allied law enforcement within our county, Federal law enforcement Agencies, management at Constellation Energy and Dominion Gas, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The Sheriff has also directed his staff to develop and implement a program to accommodate requests for law enforcement internships.

And, all went well at the Tiki Bar opening.

To all employees of the Calvert County Sheriff's Office and the Calvert County Detention Center--keep up the good work, the citizens are counting on you.

Major Thomas C. Hejl

Assistant Sheriff