WHEREAS,  the Board of County Commissioners of Calvert County, together with the Calvert County Office on Aging, and the Calvert County Seniors and Law Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.) Council salute the Calvert County Sheriff's Department, the Maryland State Police Barrack U, and the Maryland Natural Resources Police for their continual dedication and sacrifice that their men and women display daily; and

            WHEREAS,  the well-being of all Calvert County citizens is preserved and enhanced as a direct result of the vigilance and dedication of these law enforcement personnel as peace officers are the front line in preserving our citizens' right to live in a crime free environment that is all too often threatened by the insidious fear caused by   violence in a community; and

             WHEREAS,  more than 130 men and women, at great risk to their personal safety, presently serve their fellow citizens in their capacity as guardians of the peace and 149 peace officers nationwide lost their lives in the performance of  duty in 2002; therefore, on May 12, 2003, more than 15,000 peace officers gathered in our    Nation' s Capital to join with the families of their recently fallen comrades to honor them and the previous men and women who have made that supreme sacrifice.

          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED by the Board of County Commissioners of Calvert County that May 13, 2003 be known as Peace Officers' Memorial Day in honor of Federal, State, and local officers killed or disabled in the line of duty. BE IT FURTHER PROCLAIMED that all Calvert County citizens observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and display the respect so nobly earned and deserved by these valued heroes.

           Given under our hands and seal this 13th day of May 2003.