Dear Business Friend:


        First, let me thank you for all your support in helping me get elected in 2002 and then re-elected in 2006.  Your generosity has been overwhelming and truly an asset in my bids to be your Sheriff.  I have been in office nearly eight years now and I can tell you that my enthusiasm and excitement working for you, the citizens of Calvert County has not waned.  In fact, if anything, my enthusiasm and zest for the job has increased.


        Since taking office in 2002, I have implemented a significant number of programs and policies aimed at reducing crime, enhancing traffic safety, providing comprehensive community policing, reducing traffic fatalities, eliminating those impaired individuals driving on our roadways, increasing our presence in the high schools to provide a safer atmosphere and mentoring for our children and providing our deputies with much needed advanced tools to more effectively handle their job.


        One aspect I am particularly proud of is the amount of equipment this administration has obtained through the grant process saving the county taxpayers over two million dollars.  Some technology we have obtained includes, but is not limited to:


            Mobile Data Terminals (This is an in-car computer that will allow the deputy to remain on patrol and complete reports, check state and federal computer systems, review valuable information for wanted individuals, receive roll-call information and complete other tasks that the deputy would normally have to leave the patrol area to complete.)


            In-Car Digital Recorders (In car cameras that record traffic stops and are great for providing evidence for court and extremely valuable for deputy safety and complaints from citizens.)


            Bullet Proof Vests


            Hand Held Digital Cameras (All patrol deputies have a digital camera at their disposal for photographing evidence and downloading to a server that State's Attorneys can view.)


            Mobile Command Vehicle (A state-of-the art vehicle that can safely and securely handle all command operations from points outside a building.  The vehicle will be used for command at man-made and natural disasters, major events, and hostage and barricade situations for example.)


            Forensic Equipment


            Computers, Software, Network Security Equipment


        I will continue to challenge my staff to work diligently toward providing the safest community we can.  I will also look for more grants to assist us in our quest to provide a safer environment for all citizens and visitors to Calvert County.  I will look to increase the number of deputies we have on patrol, in our schools and seek to increase our compliment of those investigating violations of Maryland and Federal drug laws.  We need to stop the culture of drug use and drug dealing within our community; it is an obvious detriment to our society and devastating to families and communities when they become involved.


        I believe you share in my vision for a safe and healthier community and know that I have valued your support in the past.  Should you wish to volunteer your time, need vehicle magnetic bumper signs, yard signs, or wish to become involved in my campaign in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or through my website at  Campaigns are more expensive than ever to run and I ask for your continued support through a monetary donation.  I truly appreciate any financial help you give to my re-election campaign.


        I thank you in advance for your contribution and I look forward to being your Sheriff for the next four years.  Contributions can be made to:  Re-Elect Sheriff Mike Evans and sent to Mark J. Davis, Treasurer, 132 Main Street, Prince Frederick, MD  20678.






Sheriff Mike Evans


Auth of:  Susan Evans, Treasurer